Welcome to Balrath


The River Nanny
The River Nanny, situated to the south of Balrath Courtyard (across the road where the old corn mill ruins remain). It flows east to the sea at Laytown,


County Meath.
The Nanny holds a small stock of wild trout and is stocked annually with brown trout. It also gets a small run of sea trout. The peak of the trout fishing is in May and June. There are three angling clubs on the river. Membership is limited. Our guests will be supplied with a permit for fishing the Nanny on request.

The Boyne River
The River Boyne rises in Co. Kildare and meanders its way Offaly, Meath and Louth before entering the Irish Sea below Drogheda.

The River Boyne and it’s tributaries hold extensive stocks of wild brown trout and also has a good run of salmon and sea trout in summer and autumn. The majority of salmon fishing in this are is controlled by Angling Associations with some being maintained by private fishery owners.

Salmon fishing early in the season ( March to May ) is concentrated around the Navan area. In summer the best of the salmon fishing is located downstream of Navan, between Slane and Oldbridge.

The Boyne gets a small run of large sea trout at the end of May and into June but the best of the fishing is from the end of June to the end of September.
Day tickets are available on many of the Club waters.